Choking the Cherry (1/2)

The anonymous light flashed on the corner of the nearby stranger’s eye and for him that was all. But for the five girls in that particular frame, there it was a photo to remember, upload on their internet profiles and then forget about it. A second later, all the rehearsed smiles were gone and they went back to their celebration.

The strange man looked at those five fancy-dressed, glitter sparkling white girls, and got the impression they were mere replications of each other. The strange man could not know he was completely wrong.

Mary was the smaller and shyest of the bunch. She was closer to the rest of the girls than her younger sister, Karen, but this was hard to tell, given that Karen was way more extrovert than her. Even though Mary was prettier, Karen, because of her way of blasting on the dance floor as if every song the DJ played was dedicated to her, usually drawn more attention of the boys. Mary wished she was more like Karen. If only she knew how little of Karen’s externalized joy actually came from her heart.

The third girl in the photo was the star of the night, Elizabeth. Liz. It was her birthday. Her guest list in the club had many names, but only the four other ladies posing for her digital camera attended her party.

Next was Suzie. She and Liz were co-workers. Suzie was the oldest among the girls, and the only one that was no longer single, having recently married a man that almost the whole world seemed to hate. And that would include three out of four or her friends in that picture.

The only exception was her oldest friend in that picture, the fifth girl. Actually, being an exception was not out of the ordinary for Annie. When she was a little girl, everyone in her family thought she had the wits for being a great scientist, except her. When she decided to quit college and become a musician, everyone at her class agreed she was making a terrible mistake, except her. When cancer was killing her father, everyone in the world seemed to forget about him, except her.

Annie Daniels was a girl of exceptions. That particular night, she was making an exception on her primary rule of ignoring people she disliked. That night, she was getting revenge, she was settling the score. She would be getting even with the star of the night, that little bitch named Elizabeth Lowe.


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